Study Nursing at NCNA now, pay back only when you have a job

We finance your tuition or costs of living. After you graduate, you pay back a percentage of your income for a fixed period of time.



Finance your Nursing education through Income Share Agreements

Discover a new financing option that gives you the freedom you deserve. Our Income share agreements (ISAs) are more flexible than student loans.

You pay back a percentage of your income, so it will always be affordable for you. If your income is below $25,000 you do not have to pay anything in that year. Also, your ISA payments are capped so that you do not overpay.


Pay for school once you get a job

No debt, No interest

High interest rates can be nerve-wracking and abusive. ISAs enable you to make career decisions which are not controlled by student loan repayments.

No Co-Signer needed

ISA repayments will always adapt to your income circumstances. Also, we don’t need your parents’ credit score and you don’t need a co-signer.

Future-oriented & Secure

We care about one thing - your future potential. If you are unemployed or taking time off you pay $0 that year, without any deferment fees.

Let's take a
look at an example.

The rate below serves as an example for an ISA rate for majors. If you earn what is expected for your major, you will pay back less than you would with a federal or private loan.

Example Major

$ 0

Required Funding Amount


of your annual income for a period of 0 months. The rate and time period are fixed and will never change.

Discover your individual rate

1 on 1 Coaching

Resume assistance, cover letters or interview training – we will support you in scoring the internships of your dreams.


We help to build your network with top professionals in your field, outstanding alumni of your school and recent graduates.

Industry Insights

We provide you with insights about how the daily life in the industries you’re interested in really looks like.


Your career starts

Besides funding your studies, we will provide you with tailored career guidance to help you jumpstart the career of your dreams.

We want to offer you a support network, so you get the neccessary resources to succeed. Don’t worry, you will not be forced to attend in anything you don’t want to.

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Let's take a look at the student process

Education financing can be a complex procedure but it doesn’t have to be. Let's take a look at our simplified process from a student's perspective
1 Application & Enrollment
You apply to enroll in a program. If you choose an ISA as your funding option, you will onboard on the Blair platform to receive your ISA.
Remember the following:
  • Onboarding to Blair will only take a couple of minutes
  • No Co-Signer or Credit Score is required
  • No payments are required during the program
2 Graduation & Repayments
Once you graduate and land a job that earns you income above your salary floor, ISA repayments will begin.
Keep in mind:
  • You repay a fixed percentage of your income
  • Payments will be made on a monthly basis
  • Payments will pause if you are below the salary floor or unemployed
3 ISA Completion
Since ISA repayments adjust to your income development, ISAs can be satisfied at different points in time.
Your ISA is completed if one is true:
  • You have completed all monthly payments
  • Payments have reached the Repayment Cap
  • You have accumulated the maximum of deferment and repayment months


ISAs in a Nutshell



While ISAs for different schools might differ in numerical values for their most important terms, the functionality of those remains constant for all.

  • Income Share Rate: Describes the % of gross income students pay back during the repayment period. The income share rate is fixed and will stay constant during the lifetime of the ISA.
  • Repayment Period: Describes the duration under which students repay a percentage of their income. Most ISAs have a duration between 12-48 months.
  • Repayment Cap: Is the maximum amount a student can repay under the ISA. Usually the repayment cap is a 1x-2.5x multiplier of the base tuition.
  • Salary Floor: Describes the threshold a student’s income has to exceed to start their repayments. The floor can vary per program but will stay constant over the lifetime of the ISA.
  • Deferment: A student’s ISA will be placed in deferment if they earn income below their salary floor or are unemployed. Once their income exceeds the salary floor, repayments will continue.

While eligibility criteria might differ in nuances for different ISA programs, their objective is to be accessible for the majority of the student base.

  • Age of majority (usually 18 years) at time of signing the contract
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • No Co-Signer or Credit Score Required
  • School-specific requirements (optional)

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Let's talk about ISAs!
Income Share Agreements are contractual agreements which enable students to attend educational programs without paying up-front tuition, in exchange for an agreed upon percentage of their post-graduation income over a pre-defined number of years.
Loans are paid back through fixed monthly payments including interest based on a principal. ISAs are more flexible in their repayment terms and will adapt to students’ income circumstances throughout the repayment period. Repayments for an ISA are based on a percentage of income and not on a fixed principal, so they should always be affordable. Also, ISAs do not include an interest rate that will increase the outstanding payment amount over time.
Students begin their repayments as soon as their income exceeds the salary floor, after graduation.
A student’s ISA will be completed if one of the following three is fulfilled: (i) repayments have reached the repayment cap (ii) student has completed all monthly payments, regardless of the total payment amount (iii) student has accumulated the maximum of deferment and repayment months, regardless of total payment amount.
A student’s ISA will be placed in deferment if they earn income below their salary floor or are unemployed. Once their income exceeds the salary floor, repayments will continue.
Blair serves as the ISA manager between schools and students. We provide schools with the necessary infrastructure to create an ISA program while facilitating all ISA payments and customer support inquiries of their students.
Schools and programs of all sizes and disciplines are able offer ISAs to their students. To learn more gladly reach out to our team directly.