Combine financial returns with social impact by investing in students.

Education is the foundation for creating individual and social development opportunities. In addition to the economic relevance of education, in the US it also has a decisive influence on social equality. Education is the basic precondition for social participation and offers individuals and communities valuable opportunities for growth.
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How it works
Blair offers an opportunity to invest in selected university students on basis of a fair, proven and frequently requested business model.

We offer students an alternative to traditional loans in order to finance their education - debt free.

Students agree on an Income Share Agreement (ISA) that provides Investors with an annual yield consisting of a fixed rate of the graduates income after they start working. This continues for a fixed, agreed-upon time or until they hit a payment cap (2.5x the initial funding amount).

Selected student profiles

Cognitive Science major with a strong interest in entrepreneurial endeavors and community building. She’s also a certified Yoga instructor.

Jubilee H.

Cognitive Science,
UC Berkeley

Wants to use her nursing degree to help patients develop and recover physical skills needed for daily living. Minoring in linguistics due to her strong interest in language.

Whitney L.

Nursing, College of Central Florida

Focuses on the intersection of tech and new business models. He currently interviews with many of Silicon Valleys fastest growing startups for Data Science internships.

Ba Thien T.

Computational Sciences, Minerva Schools


The education financing system in the US is fundamentally flawed, as no current financing model seems to be sustainable. The national student debt collectively accumulates to more than $ 1.6 trillion.

ISAs offer a range of benefits as an investment product:

  • Diversification of investment portfolio because of little correlation with other asset classes.
  • ISAs are inflation-protected as salaries are generally adjusted to inflation.
  • Economic and social impact by allowing the next generation of Americans to study debt free.
  • In general, returns on education often outperform the stock market while being less volatile.

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We align incentives
with students of well-esteemed institutions

We are cautious about forecasting any returns since we do not have any fund that went through the full lifecycle yet.

Traditionally, ISA funds perform better than the typical annual interest rate for student loans in the area. This would currently amount to a +10% return per year.

Returns are obviously always uncertain and in our case differ from fund to fund. Due to regulatory precautions, we restrain from forecasting returns publicly until we have reliable data at our disposal. We have an internal target return which we can talk about if you want to know more. Please read the risk disclaimer before you consider investing.
Like many other common investment products, there are no guaranteed returns. You should only invest money that you can afford to lose.
Investments are generally tied for 6-8 years. You start receiving the first cash flows after one year.
You can diversify your investment portfolio since ISAs have a comparatively small correlation with other asset classes.

In general, ISAs combines economic and social impact, enabling the next generation of Americans to study without the burden of traditional student debt.
We currently offer funding amounts between $1,000 and $20,000. The average amount of funding our students receive over the course of their studies is $11,000.
We take a 2% cut of the repayments. Additionally, we receive a share of the profits if the fund reaches its target return.

Thereby, we align our incentives with those of the students and our investors. We actively support the students in earning more money, and if they do everyone wins
The minimum investment amount is currently $20,000.

Only accredited investors can invest.