Better student financing through Income Share Agreements

We empower schools of all kinds to be more accessible by structuring and creating sustainable ISA programs.


Student Financing on Autopilot

Allowing schools and vocational programs to focus on their core competencies: delivering an outstanding education and placing students in fullfilling jobs.

By giving their students the option to finance through an ISA, schools signal strength of program and increase enrollment.


Drive Enrollment

ISAs remove financial barriers and allow schools to increase student enrollment by addressing a broad population that is not eligible for scholarships or other financing options.

Maintain Focus

Focus on what you do best: providing an excellent education program. Blair takes care of all administrative, legal and operational obligations of the ISA program.

Align Incentives

By offering ISAs, schools are perfectly aligned with future graduates and will succeed if the students succeed.

All-In-One Solution

We establish holistic ISA programs while you can focus on education. From the initial design and setup to the management and servicing of the program, we are an active partner in its entirety.

Blair handles all operational duties to facilitate the ISA program including the process of all applications, repayments and customer support. Lean back and focus on the education of your students.
We provide all necessary legal documents to establish your ISA program. By working closely with legal industry experts we ensure that all contracts are on par with current legislation.
Our technology platform enables the seamless management of your ISA program including automated onboarding and servicing. Schools have access to a real-time dashboard to monitor every step of the process.
We collaborate with schools to create ISA terms that are beneficial for all parties involved. We analyze a school's outcome data to evaluate up-front financing possibilities to cover operational costs.

Full Stack Platform With Proven Process

We apply our expertise from countries that have been using ISAs for 15 years to create a frictionless experience for both schools and students. After processing thousands of student applications on our own platform, we have opened our products for selected partner schools.

Best-in-class technology from lending industry

Automated servicing capabilities built specifically for ISAs

Comprehensive data access through dashboard, CSV or API

Capacity for unlimited student scale

Holistic student verification process


Who are ISAs for?

ISAs are a very flexible financial product and can find application for any entity that wants to align their incentives with their students or customers. We've seen ISAs greatly increase enrollment and customer bases across a variety of different industries.

ISAs offer a wide range of benefits for:

  • Bootcamps, trade schools and other alternative education institutions across all industries
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Mentorship Programs and Employment Agencies
  • Any other entity that wants to provide a no upfront cost payment option