Finance college now, pay back only when you have a job

We finance your tuition or costs of living. After you graduate, you pay back a percentage of your income for a fixed period of time.

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Finance your education through Income Share Agreements

Discover a new financing option that gives you the freedom you deserve. Our Income Share Agreements (ISAs) are more flexible than student loans.

You pay back a percentage of your income, so it will always be affordable for you. If your income is below $25,000 you do not have to pay anything in that year. Also, your ISA payments are capped so that you do not overpay.


Pay for school once you get a job

No debt, No interest

High interest rates can be nerve-wrecking and abusive. ISAs enable you to make career decisions which are not controlled by student loan repayments.

No Co-Signer needed

ISA repayments will always adapt to your income circumstances. Also, we don’t need your parents’ credit score and you don’t need a co-signer.

Future-oriented & Secure

We care about one thing - your future potential. If you are unemployed or taking time off you pay $0 that year, without any deferment fees.

Let's take a
look at an example.

The rate below serves as an example for an ISA rate for International Relations majors. If you earn what is expected for your major, you will pay back less than you would with a federal or private loan.

Example Major

$ 10,000

Required Funding Amount


of your annual income for a period of 0 months. The rate and time period are fixed and will never change.

Discover your individual rate


The education financing system in the US
is fundamentally flawed

$1.5 trillion

aggregated student
debt in the US


of borrowers are expected
to default by 2023


average borrower's student
loan debt after graduation

1 on 1 Coaching

Resume assistance, cover letters or interview training – we will support you in scoring the internships of your dreams.


We help to build your network with top professionals in your field, outstanding alumni of your school and recent graduates.

Industry Insights

We provide you with insights about how the daily life in the industries you’re interested in really looks like.


Your career starts

Besides funding your studies, we will provide you with tailored career guidance to help you jumpstart the career of your dreams.

We want to offer you a support network, so you get the neccessary resources to succeed. Don’t worry, you will not be forced to attend in anything you don’t want to.

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Let's take a look at our process

Funding your education can be a complex procedure but it doesn’t have to be. Our simplified process will give you a better understanding.
1 Application
You apply for our fund by naming your required funding amount, major, school & school year.
Remember the following:
  • You can apply before and during college
  • You do not need a co-signer
  • Your or your parent’s credit score is not required
  • You can apply with every major and up to $20,000 of funding
2 Our offer
After verifying your eligibility we will provide you with your individual contract terms.
They could look something like this:
$9,000 Funding amount
4.85% Income Share Rate
5 years Payment period
3 You accept
If you accept our terms and sign the contract, we are ready to go! We will wire the funding to you.
Use your Blair Funding for:
Your tuition
Your rent
Other costs of living and medical expenses
4 Graduation
You graduated college - congratulations!
Blair will protect you & won’t claim any payments if:
... you continue your education at grad school
... you take time off for travel
... you take time off to take care of relatives
... you're in times of low income (smaller than $25,000 annual income)
5 You start working
You landed your first job - yeah! Now you can pay for your education.
You will pay us the agreed percentage of your annual income for the agreed upon payment period. In our example 4.85% of your annual income for 5 years.

If we assume that your annual income would be $50,000, your repayment for that year would be $2,425.
6 Conclusion
Let’s take a look at how our contracts are concluded.
Your payment obligation ends if one of the following two scenarios occur:
The payment period ends
(+ potential deferment). In our example, 5 years.
No matter how much has been paid back up to that point
Your repayments hit the payment cap (2.5x of the initial funding amount)


Quick Facts



Payments & Deferment

ISAs are a funding option for students who need financial support for their tuition or cost of living. They offer a wide range of benefits over traditional private loans and Parent Plus loans, but it is important to understand them.

Most important info:

  • Income share rate: Describes the % of your income, you pay to us during your repayment period. It varies by major and funding amount. If you earn what is expected for your major, you will pay back less than you would with a typical federal or private loan. For a specific quote, submit your information above.
  • Repayment period: Describes how long you have to pay a part of your income to satisfy the ISA terms. Typical terms are 3-8 years. It varies by major.
  • Repayment Cap: Is the maximum amount you can repay, it protects you in case you are doing extremely well! You never pay back more than 2.0x - 2.5x of the original funding amount (adjusted for inflation).
  • Salary Floor: If your annual income is below $25,000, your payments are $0 for this year. Depending on the circumstances, the payment term will be extended (see deferment for more info).
  • Deferment: Some circumstances qualify you to pause the repayment plan and defer the payments into the future. Examples for this are going to grad school or taking a maternity/paternity leave.
  • Funding amount: You can get funding as low as $1,000 up to a maximum of currently $20,000 over the course of your study program.
  • Grace Period: The first 1-6 months (depending on your individual ISA) after graduating, you do not have to pay anything. The repayment period starts afterwards.

We want to provide affordable and fair education financing for every student in need, regardless of their origin and desired profession.

Most important info on eligibility:

  • (Upcoming) Enrollment in postsecondary education institution
  • US citizen or Permanent Resident (If you are an international student, reach out to us. We make exceptions on a case by case basis)
  • 18yrs+ old at time of contract signing
  • No co-signer & no credit score required

In contrast to traditional loans, ISAs protect you from future income volatility after graduation. If you are unemployed, earn income below a certain threshold or seek further education your payments will be 0$. In some cases the payments are deferred and in others they count as fulfilled.

Cases in which the repayment plan is paused and repayment is deferred:

  • Employed and earning less than $2,083 monthly (equivalent to an annual Earned Income of $25,000).

Cases in which the repayment plan is not paused but your obligations count as fulfilled:

  • Unemployed (not working but actively seeking employment)
    Note: You must provide proof of your efforts to seek employment

Find your individual rate now

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Let's talk about ISAs!
An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a contractual agreement between a student and our fund in which the student receives education funding in exchange for an agreed upon percentage of post-graduation income over a pre-defined number of years. For example, you receive $9,000 from us to pay for tuition, books and rent. In return, once you graduate and get a job, you pay us 4.85% of your income for 5 years.
Student loans are paid back through fixed monthly payments including interest based on a principal. ISAs are more flexible in their repayment terms and will adapt to your income circumstances throughout the repayment period. Repayments for an ISA are based on a percentage of your income and not on a fixed principal, so they should always be affordable. You pay for a pre-defined number of years and there is an upper boundary on what you are required to pay back.
ISAs align the incentives between you and your provider. If you have one of our ISAs, we are strongly incentivized to help you get a high-paying job. Therefore, we are building products & services to help you succeed!
Grants, scholarships, and other need-based aid would not be reduced by the ISA. In fact, ISAs are a great addition when these kind of resources are not sufficient.
After graduation, there is a 1-6 months grace period (depending on your individual ISA) in which no payments have to be made. After this time frame, the repayment period starts.
The payment obligation ends if either the agreed upon payment period ends (no matter how much has been paid back up to that point) or the repayments reach the payment cap (which is between 2.0x - 2.5x of the initial amount borrowed).
No, you are not. If the payment period ends and your total repayments have been below the initial amount borrowed, no further payments are required. You are merely required to fulfill the repayment requirements for the agreed upon timeframe.
After your graduation, you will let us know how much you are expected to earn in a given year (by simply showing us your offer letter or something equivalent) and we will use that to calculate your monthly repayment.
At the end of the year, we will draw a comparison between the declared expected income and the actual income and will settle the difference.
If something changes in between, like you losing your job or taking a leave of absence, we will adapt the monthly repayments immediately & accordingly. We repeat the whole process every year for the agreed time period.
You are eligible, if the following holds true:

- You are enrolled or accepted to enroll in a postsecondary education institution in the US.
- You are a US citizen or Permanent Resident.
- You are 18 years or older when signing the contract.
Transferring will not affect your rates for the funding you have received up to this point. If you want additional funding from us after transferring, we will offer you new terms which might differ from the old terms. During your time in grad school, your repayment will be deferred. This means that you do not have to pay anything while you are in school and resume repayment for the remainder of your repayment term once you graduate from grad school.
No, you can work wherever you want. We will help you get a job if you want the support, but will never tell you where to work.
There are certain situations in which your ISA repayment plan will be paused. For example, if you go to graduate school or voluntarily leave the workforce for some time. The ISA plan adapts and the repayments will resume once you start working again. The ISA can be paused for up to five years in total. In case all five deferment years are used and you are still technically qualifying for it, every month will be deducted from your total repayment period as if you were making payments to us.